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The Aapravasi Ghat Trust Fund :: About Us :: Board Members and Team
AGTF Board
Mr Mahyendrah Utchanah Chairperson
Mr Adinarain Hutchamah Vice Chairperson
Mr Oudaye Prakash Seebaluck Representative of the Prime Minister's Office
Mr Ajay Ramdhany Representative of the Ministry of Finance
Mr Toolsy Garburrun Representative of the Ministry of Arts and Culture
Mrs Meera Jhugroo Representative of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Human Resources (Culture Division)
Mr Bisham Dwarka Representative of the Ministry of Tourism, Leisure and External Communications
Mr Mimansak Deputy High Commissioner of India
Dr Pavitranand Ramhota Representative of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute
Mr Bhuruth Prasad Dinand Member
Mr Mukesh Jhummun Member
Mrs Sadhna Ramlallah Member
Mr Dravindranath Ramloll M.S.K. Member
Mr Ahmed Shaffick Rusmaully Member
Mr Rajendra Thodda Member

Members of Administrative Staff
Mr Jeewan Mohit Officer in Charge
Mr Vedanand Ranoutar Administrative Secretary
Mrs Indira Devi Gyaram Programme Coordinator
Mrs Devianee Chuckowree Accounting Technician
Mrs Drishtee Conhyea Confidential Secretary
Mr Pravin Sharma Boodhun Accounts Clerk
Mrs Doorgawatee Rughoo Clerk
Ms Prithee Nankoo Clerk/Word Processing Operator
Ms Sarika Ramjeeawon Clerk/Word Processing Operator
Mrs Pavisha Beedasy Prayag Clerk/Word Processing Operator
Mr Vivekanand Caholessur Office Attendant
Mr Amirchandsingh Teerbhoohan Office Attendant/Driver

Members of Technical Unit
Ms Corinne Forest Head of Technical Unit
Mr Renganaden Andiapen World Heritage Site Manager
Mr Vickram Mugon Researcher
Mr Satyendra Peerthum Researcher
Ms Maurina Soodin Runghen Researcher
Mrs Kiran Jankee Chuttoo Research Assistant
Ms Natasha Kheddoo Ramcharitar Research Assistant
Ms Babita Devi Bahadoor Research Assistant
Ms Christelle C C Miao Foh Research Assistant
Mr Ashvin Kumar Nemchand Research Assistant
Ms Soonanda Nankoo Heritage Guide/Public Outreach Officer
Mrs Vijayalutchmee Beejadhur Poteah Heritage Guide/Public Outreach Officer
Mrs Vedita Jha Heritage Guide/Public Outreach Officer
Mrs Urmila Devi Ramkissoon Heritage Guide/Public Outreach Officer
Mrs Lutchmee Pydatalli Field Guide
Mr Kishan Doorgathian Site Conservation Worker
Mr Sanand Gowressoo Site Conservation Worker
Mr Deenesh Kumar Gungaram Site Conservation Worker
Mr Mahesh Sharma Ramdhony Site Conservation Worker
Mr Subhir Ramsurrun Site Conservation Worker
Mr Louis Headley Ramyad Site Conservation Worker
Mr Vivekanand Seechurn Site Conservation Worker
Mr Arunagiri Sungaralingum General Worker
Mr Varun Sharma Badooa General Worker
Mr Ramdass Ravind Basoodelsingh General Worker
Mr Sooraj Ranoowah General Worker
Mrs Sakuntala Devi Gopaul General Worker
Mrs Vidwantee Jugun General Worker
Mr Moti Gossagne Mahadeo Watchman
Mr Mohunparsad Bahadoor Watchman
Mr Hansraj Dhanookdharee Watchman
Mr Vijayanand Mulloo Watchman
Mr Mindranath Ramchurn Gateman


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The Aapravasi Ghat Board Members and Team
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